Men’s guided Self Pleasuring Mp3

Men’s guided self pleasuring


“Hi Tanja,
I’ve just had my first listen to your “Self-Pleasuring Guide For Men”. Full of wisdom and very enjoyable: you have the perfect tone of voice for it, and I like how you keep it light, with a touch of humour. I’m looking forward to studying more of your products in the near future.
I’m seeing my girlfriend tomorrow night … I think she has a pleasant surprise coming :)”
Steve from the UK

Tanja guides you through the process of self pleasuring. The first steps to sexual mastery and learning about ejaculation mastery are experienced here as you learn to feel and be in your whole body in brand new way.

Typical masturbation will not lead you to sexual mastery and can frequently take you away from the type of touching and pleasure you want to experience.

Using this guide will increase your ability to be in your body, to feel more pleasure, to build up arousal and to learn to touch your lover even more powerfully that you do now.

To get the most of out this experience do not engage in using any visual stimulus, or use your imagination to bring sexual imagery.

Please focus on my voice and the physical experience you are feeling.


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