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IMPORTANT: the email connected to your account is unique, make sure the email address you provide is correct.


The Mile High View (Getting Started)

When you Sign Up at Learning Tantra with your Name and Email you get Free Membership, and that means you can access the blog and other restricted areas.

You may have also signed-up for the Free Course in Tantra which includes information delivered via Email, plus online content.

In order to get some of the Course content, you’ll need to be logged in. Our system is really simple, but it is bold new technology and like anything new it may seem unfamiliar.

More important than being convenient and simple to use our Login system is highly secure and it is much easier to use than typing in your username and trying to remember your passwords.

Once you Login you may want to get familiar with your Profile which is one central location for all things Tantra that you have signed up for at this site.

How does Login work?

One Click Login™ works in 2 different ways.

  • When you sign up the first time a One Click Login Key (Login Key for short) will be sent to your email. Because it is the first time using your new Membership Account, the One Click Login Key email link will confirm your registration AND Login automatically at the site. This means you will be remembered on that browser even after you Logout.
  • When you have already Logged in once on a site, if you Logout and return to the site you should see a “Login” button offered to you. Clicking it does the One Click Login for you- it logs you in automatically without requiring usernames and passwords, and the security is handled behind the scenes.

Our system is device-centric which means if you change devices or computers you do have to authorize the new browser. For example when you are using a Tablet or your Mobile, you can simply request a new Login Key sent to your email. Use the Login Key from the device itself so that its internet browser gets authorized.

Once you have authorized your browser via the Login Key email link, you can be “remembered” for a long time even after you Logout. You Login and Logout with one click of the button on the site.

Note: for security reasons Login Keys are only valid for 24 hours from the time they are sent, so please use it as soon as you are able. If you find yourself without a valid Login Key just request a new one.

Also Note: In case the One Click Login Key misses your Inbox, check your junk/spam folder and always be sure to whitelist the sender of the Login Key- it’s your direct contact with the site admin!

Final Note: Most sites like Facebook only remember you up to 2 weeks for security reasons. Our site can remember you securely up to a year or more!

Membership and Identity

Regarding this “membership” there is nothing to pay, and your Membership will not expire. Your Membership Account establishes your Identity at our site, and we use Email Addresses to identify them because Email Addresses are globally unique.

We secure your identity so that you can use any public name you wish. You can choose any screen name for yourself, and if you do see names like “Jake822” it is only because someone chose it.

Keep in mind your screen name will become the first name you provided with sign-up, and you can always change it at your Profile.

If you signed up without providing your name for any reason, we will assume that your name is that part of your email address which occurs before the “@” symbol. For example if someone signs up with, the account will start out with Jake822 as the screen name.

Your screen name is not required to be unique, it’s just what the public sees.

Note: If you do need to change email addresses on your Account you will want to contact Customer Support to make sure this goes smoothly.

More info?

Click open one of the shelves below to read more, or find answers in the Login FAQ’s still below.

How to get the Free Introductory Course in Tantra?

When you are new to this site the Course is sent to your email once each day for the next few days. It will begin automatically after you click the Confirmation and Login Key link in email. We ask you to confirm your registration because we don’t want to spam anyone.

It is recommended to make a contact or whitelist us to get our email in your Inbox- because some email filters think our educational content is spam.

Also please, please do not click the spam button to handle our mail. You can always just unsubscribe and we promise not to take that personally 🙂

I have Confirmed Registration. Now what?

Great! Now you can:

  • read the Blog
  • access the Learning Tantra Community and Forums
  • access your Profile to change your screen name and personal details
  • get your Downloads for products you have ordered
  • download any offers or Free Gifts you sign up for
  • get info about Workshops and Courses and Groups you signed up with
  • Invite others to events and things you’re interested in via your Profile
  • Manage Security Settings for your account
  • One Click Login – no usernames and passwords required
  • stay logged in on the site (you are Remembered) for up to 10 months.

The name you sign up with is your screen name on our site, and you can always change it by visiting your Profile.

The Profile is a central location for (most) important documents, downloads, and links to key resources on this site, and it’s all in one location for your convenience.

Now that you have used the Login key to Confirm registration you are able to access your own private profile.

Login with a different computer or device?

If you are already a member, just request a new Login key.

  • Click on One Click Login link at the top of any page. It opens a small panel of options.
  • Click request Login in the panel
  • Type your email address and click Send
  • Return via the new Login key sent to your email

Please use the same email you signed up with the first time, otherwise a new account will be created. This is important if you have courses, products or membership programs in your account, because you will not have those programs in a brand new account!

Login trouble?

In case of issue with a current Login key, simply click the link from your email again.

This simple method resolves 99% of Login issues.

Otherwise check out our Login FAQ’s to get answers about common login scenarios, including steps to take before contacting support.


Sharing a Computer?

Our system expects that each person uses their own computer or device because more than 80% of our members use the site this way.

However our Login system works just fine for Couples who aren’t really concerned if the other sees their Profile. It also works just fine for roommates or others who share computers and need to stay private.

It works great for pretty much every situation, you just have to manage One Click Login settings. Fortunately it is easy! There are just 2 Settings in your Profile, and each of these works like a switch.

Notice in your Profile that there are One Click Settings and Shared Settings.

Each Setting allows you to choose Allow One Click Login or Require Login Key.

That’s straightforward enough, as long as you understand when each of these rules is applied.

When just one person is registered, One Click Settings apply. As soon as another person registers on the same browser, the rules for Shared Settings automatically and instantly apply. This is for security reasons.

If you are new to social media sites and this sounds complicated, don’t worry- we have already selected the best settings for you!

Normally you Allow One Click Login so you can freely Login and Logout like flipping lights on and off. You can always change that to Require Login Key.

Login Keys get sent to your email like a password link, except we handle everything behind the scenes. You never type in a password!

Shared Settings by default Require Login Key, and keep in mind this applies as soon as someone else achieves Login on the same computer or device (and browser…) that you can Login from. Now you’ll have to request a new Login key… or you can choose to Allow One Click Login from your Shared Settings.

For many people, the honor system is great, and keep in mind that Google and several other sites leave it all open if several people Login on the same device. At least with us you get to choose how to proceed.

The last thing to remember is that each individual will see the result of their own settings. For example, if 4 people share a device, 2 of them can choose to Allow One Click Login, while the others Require Login Key.

Believe it or not, there are 128 different scenarios served by our system which offers just 2 control switches!


Of course everyone must Confirm and Login via the Login Key the first time they register. After that, you just manage when to Allow One Click Login, or Require Login Key.

Login FAQ’s

Q: should I use webmail to access the site?

A: if you secure your webmail account with a strong password, we highly recommend this. When you request a Login key from the same browser your check your Mail with, it makes switching browsers on your computer a non-issue.


Q: my site doesn’t “remember” me and I keep having to Login

A: our site should “remember” you for at least 11 months. This feature appears to work even if you have “private browsing” turned on in your browser (tested on Safari and FireFox) and usually it works just fine. Sometimes events clear the cache of cookies, or other circumstances prevent the normal operation of the One Click Login system.


Q: I used to be “remembered” but now I’m not…

A:  software integrations can be tricky. Your operating system and the file cache, your browser and the browser cache, WordPress (this site) and its cache, ISP’s File Cache, and MiCASA One Click Login software… there is a lot that can change, and we are constantly developing. If updates happen, there are time when the various software cache’s can prevent the most recent file from being seen. Out of sync describes it. The best fix for this is refreshing the page once, then refreshing again 24 hours later. That sounds inconvenient, but sometimes it is the only thing that will work. If that step does not resolve it, consider taking stronger measures such as clearing the cookies for THIS site only if you know how to do that. Please do not inconvenience yourself by clearing cookies for your entire browser- that is something we don’t recommend. Please report any unusual Login issues.


Q: I see a message that “the page cannot be found” or something…

A: sometimes people think they cannot Login because some message on a page indicates an error. Please do check whether you are actually logged in by looking at the top of the page near the right temple jewel- if it shows words like “My Profile” and “Logout”, you are logged in even if your screen name is missing or blank.


Q: I am Logged in but the page says it’s missing

A: If you were delivered by mistake to a missing page, and it’s related to a purchase or some other offer, check your Profile for new additions. Links to key pages, downloads, important info, and documents will appear there generally as soon as a purchase is applied, and this may happen even if some other direction has failed. Contact Support if this is not the case.


Q: the Login link keeps going to my default browser, and I want to use a different one

A: There is a link to copy/paste at the end of each Login key email. You can always manage which browser gets the link if you copy/paste the link included at the end of each Login key mail. Just make sure you paste it into the browser you requested it from!


Q: I don’t see ANY links in my email!

A: If you have a “text only” email service you will not see links at all. You will need to copy/paste the link at the end of your email. Usually you will know what to do if you have such an email service. Yet if you travel, or use other computers or services you may see text based email messages someday… this is why we always include a copy/paste link at the bottom of each Login key email. Just make sure you paste it into the browser you requested it from!


Q: I can’t seem to get logged in to my browser no matter what

A: Login keys sent to email only last 24 hours from the date stamped on them. After that time simply request a new one. Assuming you have a valid Login key, please refresh your page and try clicking the Login link again. Then you may attempt to use the copy/paste link at the bottom of the email. If that doesn’t work please follow the specific steps below before contacting support. Our site is undergoing active development and sometimes the site will appear to be broken or buggy when it has simply been upgraded. If a simple refresh doesn’t solve the issue, and refreshing again after waiting 24 hours doesn’t help please- make sure you have done the steps below at least once before contacting support:

  1. Refresh the page you attempted the action from. If you have to go “back” in your browser to get to that page, remember to refresh when you get there!
  2. Request a new Login key from Learning Tantra even if you have already logged in before
  3. Click the new Login key link from your email. Click it a second time if it doesn’t work the first time. This resolves 99% of Login issues.
  4. Double-Check your status message at the very top of the page near the right temple jewel. If it shows you at least “Profile” and “Logout” links you are logged in!


Q: how secure is my password?

A:Your password never leaves the site it is created on, it is created to be super tough (it is not human readable or friendly in any way) and your username is concealed as well. Unlike other password-less concepts which simply send your username and password scrambled inside a Login Link, our Login Key is just one part of a highly secure process that has been independently tested over several thousand times.


Q: why not just use a Password Wallet?

A: the founder of MiCASA says: “We would never, ever use a password wallet or recommend one; instead we developed a system with state-of-the-art security for 3rd Millennium computing. We will not bore you with details. The short answer here is a question: are you comfortable giving your house keys to some random person in the city? Because that’s what you are doing when you use a password wallet.”

Our system does not transmit your username or password over the wire- it just allows your account to be protected locally with super-strong passwords that are ready for tomorrow’s hacker and new supercomputing power (we can’t say future-proof but that is our intent!).


Q: why all this big deal about Login?

A: the guiding philosophy here is that your Personal and Private Account with this Website should remain between you and the Website, your Account should be secure, and it should be easy to manage a truly secure Login- even using a touchscreen device like a Mobile or Tablet.

Since June, 2012 MiCASA Identity System has been operational providing the utmost convenience and security. Our system is the force majeure of Login systems.


Q: what if I want even more security?

A: we are leaving the option for Tier 3 Security and N-Tier Secure™ Logins to the Site owner. Please contact them to request these capabilities for your individual account.

Typically when your site offers Private Journaling, or other Private Content that you can upload related to a Professional Practice or Coaching Program, they at least offer the Tier-3 option which can be individually managed at your Profile.

You can also request to have the N-Tier Secure Protocols added to your individual account if you desire to experience military-grade cryptographically secure Login!


Ok. I still need help

Contact Support if the above steps do not resolve your Login issue.

When contacting support please give us some basic details about where the experience went wrong.

If you know the following, please tell us more:

The (Computer/Laptop/Tablet/Mobile) you use and its Model name.

The Operating System you use

The browser you requested Login from
(Chrome, Safari, FireFox, Internet Explorer, Opera, Other)

Note: If you are using a Browser app that is not the default browser for the device, (like Chrome browser on Android or iOS, or jailbroke iThings) make sure to let us know.

If you don’t know these things, no pressure, please just tell us what you know.


Thanks for participating in our revolutionary One Click Login system provided by MiCASA Identity.

We hope you find it easy to use One Click Login like we do. It saves so much typing on Mobile devices people are loving it, and it’s great not to have to remember passwords.

Once you become familiar with it we are confident that you will enjoy the benefit of enhanced security and simplicity of use- you’ll wish every site worked this way!