Life Coach or Master Life Strategist™

I was asked today the difference between a life strategist and a life coach was and how to tell if someone were any good.

First, I have been both, and I think life coaching is a much needed and under-used speciality and it is NOT the same as a life strategist.

I didn’t “become” a life strategist til I had logged over 5K hours of life coaching clients and had successfully coached clients in life, love and money.

I didn’t become a Master Life Strategist til I logged over 10K hours of coaching, coached people in life, love, money, spirituality, and business, coached people to coach others, and created several coaching brands successfully and had a whole bucket load of life experience across countries, cultures, personal triumphs and tragedies, relationships, parenting, deaths, illnesses, falling and getting back up again and achieved notable success in all areas of life… in others words got OLDER 🙂

I think the difference between a life coach and a life strategist is experience and achievement across all life skills and length of professional coaching experience. There is a subtle difference in focus as well.


A life coach typically focuses (or should) on one area of expertise and has a format of helping the client explore their goals and keeping them accountable moving towards them. The client talks more than the coach, the client is motivated to do their part and helps create tangible success points.

A Master Life Strategist is both a coach and a leader who ensures that you are working toward a complete vision of success in your desired lifestyle, according to your business mission, your life purpose, your values, and your interpersonal relationships. This is more than just a holistic attitude or viewpoint that I bring. This is part of my instructional format, and I help you integrate all of this.

Of course I think at this time I am the only one training other certified life strategists and master life strategists.

And really you don’t always need to pull out the big guns, most of what is going wrong in a specific area of life can be helped using a good specific life coach.

My suggestion, make sure they have expertise in the area they are coaching, that they are confident in their process- and they have a process- and their clients have gotten results.