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What does it take to learn Tantra?

The first and foremost decision to make before starting the journey to learn Tantra is to make sure you understand the different aspects of what Tantra is currently as well as the understanding the teacher has of the subject matter,

Used to be to learn Tantra you only needed to try and find a true Tantra master, and that in itself was a tough journey. Partly because a true Tantra master of yesteryear did not make it easy to find them and learn Tantra.

Unlike today where a Google search will lead you to what seems like a million and one ways to learn about Tantra, back then it was all hush hush and very secretive. In the olden days there were also not the differences that we see now in regards to what Tantra is.

Ok then, ask yourself these questions.

Why do you want to learn Tantra?

Curious about what you have heard about it? Someone told you about mind blowing orgasms? You are having problems in your sex life? You want a spiritual relationship with your partner sexually?

Or perhaps you have wounding in your body and heart, or you want to leave sexual shame behind, or you heard that if you learn Tantra you will be able to connect more to everything in life.

All these are valid reasons to learn Tantra and certainly Tantra is going to help you with all these things and more. I am going to break it down a little more simply now.

For things related to sexuality you may want to be looking into Neo Tantra.

To learn about Neo Tantra you will want to ask lots of questions of your teacher about their training and what they do in their classes and sessions to make certain you are on the same wave length about it. Understand there are teacher who believe you need to get naked to learn and those who do not.  Some teachers do hands on sessions and erotic massage and others do not.

To learn Neo Tantra or sexual Tantra from me all you need is an open mind and a desire to make some changes about how you may think about and do sex. Learning Neo Tantra does not require a lifetime commitment and you can easily learn many things in a workshop, or via Skype or even from some products.

To get deeper with Neo Tantra you will always want to start with a good breath work foundation. Read my Conscious Breath post about that.

To learn Tantra that will change the way you view the world and yourself you will want to look into either Classical Tantra or Modern Tantra

Keep an open mind, a curious mind, a bit of discernment, read and ask questions and then take  leap and learn Tantra.

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