Keys to living in Bliss

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Getting ready for the Crave radio interview  I was asked about living in ecstatic bliss and what that entailed.
After an explanation of conscious breath, which I am sure you are all working on at this point,
I added this part. Key components to living in bliss are…(after the conscious breath)


Learning to be honest with oneself and others. This is a lot harder than one might suspect, we are taught to be cautious and careful about everything. We are taught to hold back who we are, we are taught to not rock the boat, and we are taught to perform for others.

Enjoying your emotions…

All of them, they are the texture of your life; we can’t hold back one emotion and let the others flow freely, when we contract one we contract them all. Let them out and FEEL all of your glory, the light and the dark, it is all part of YOU.


Being able to engage with someone/something fully, to access your vulnerability, to know you are not alone and  that we are all threaded together and what affects one affects others. To expand past oneself. Connect to everything and feel the flow of life. Without a good breath  work practice connection is tougher.

Presence to the moment…

Showing up fully… not on stand by or automatic pilot. To do this one must first seek presence with self. Learn to bring attention to what is happening right now, not what happened or what is going to happen. Just right now, at this moment. Mediation really helps to teach our mind not to race around.


To do something with thoughtful purpose, living a life with intention means you know that your thoughts and actions are important and will cause an impact on everything around you. Living in intention is living in integrity. When you set out to create an action contemplate what that action impacts, will it be in alignment with your higher self.


Out and out silliness as well, laughter, laughter is the greatest orgasm going…

As far as what this has to do with sex… well you can’t have a great sex life with the rest of your life in shambles..

Once you have these components down, you can learn to have an orgasm watching a sunrise (no hands) because you are so alive, you are moved so much by everything, your body responds accordingly…

Orgasm is simply energy moving through your body…How is yours moving today?


  1. It’s night time here in England, so I can’t try having a “no hands” orgasm from watching the sunset … but I came pretty close simply by experiencing your amazing customer services a few minutes ago, when I had a problem with logging in. Many thanks. 🙂

    Now, those six keys to living in bliss. If we juggle them around a little, then the words ACE PIE give us an easy way to recall them so that we can contemplate them and cultivate them regularly.

    A – Authenticity
    C – Connection
    E – Enjoy Emotions
    P – Presence in the Moment
    I – Intent
    E – enJOY

    You could also, perhaps, make it ACE PIG, with the final G representing a feeling of Gratitude, which is one of the most joyful feelings to dwell in.

    Can’t wait until the next sunset 🙂

    • ACE PIG- Steve you just made the Bliss Lesson even more memorable.

  2. Steve?
    A – Authenticity
    C – Connection
    E – Emotions
    P – Presence in the Moment
    T- inTent
    O – jOy.
    Acepto in Spanish is literally translated to Accept in English… <3 thanks for the Acronym!

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