Intimacy Interview Mp3

Intimacy Interview


I was interviewed about intimacy, what is it, why we need it and are so afraid of it and how to get more of it.

A fascinating topic about revealing ourselves, truly.

I was interviewed by Craig Sigl and right out of the gate of course he wanted to know all these questions.

Take a journey with us and find out about your Intimacy IQ


What is intimacy?

Why do we crave it?

Why are we so afraid of it?

How does the fear of intimacy manifest in relationships?

Should we “reveal” ourselves on the first few dates?

Who teaches us intimacy?

Does lack of intimacy increase infidelity?

Why do people fall out of love?

How do we keep our relationship strong?

What is sexual chemsitry, love, lust?

How can we deepen our bond as a couple?

Why are we not comfortable about being intimate?

Why do we train each other to stop sharing?

How do I get my partner to open up?

Are men more closed?

Is love the most important ingredient?

How can I get my partner on board with intimacy?

What are some tools for connecting?

Is our relationship just ok?

What is the promise if living in intimacy?

What does a wonderful and intimate relationship look like?

Did you really say more intimacy means better love making?

Can you share some connection practices and examples?

What are the reasons we are not intimate?

Why do we settle for ok?


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