Honey what happened to our sex life – Mp3 series for men

I receive so many calls from men asking me to help them figure out how to get their partners interested in sex again, I just has to create this Mp3 series.

This is not an unusual issue in fact from where I sit it is almost an epidemic. The fact is women want and need sex as much as men do however typically the sex they have been having leaves them less than interested in more.
If a woman stops having sex, or seems uninterested in it,  than typically is not something that is broken with her, it is something that is not working in the relationship.
If your woman looks for excuses to not have sex it is clear she is not enjoying the sex she is having. And yes she can have an orgasm and still not be interested in sex with you.

I know you care, most men I help are wonderful guys who love their wives and would do whatever they could to get sex back in the picture, I mean obviously you are here right?

I am going to give you the best of the best over these 3-  1 hour Mp3’s.  What happened, what you can change and how to have the best chance of getting  sex back into your relationship.



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