Healing through Tantra- emotional, physical, sexual, spiritual

We all need some kind of healing, after all life can be rough. The good news is it is never too late to do so.

I get all sorts of emails and calls from people hurting, emotionally from break ups or childhood things, sexual abuse, physical illness and chronic pain as well as surgical wounding from cancer surgery or accidents. Then there are the people who feel spiritually hurt. People who feel so much it is hard to live in the world today where so much pain and devastation is happening.

I know one thing, I have had these pains as well and I have used the very methods I want to teach you to get better and to become whole again. I have overcome sexual abuse, serious emotional traumas, accidents from which I have been told I would not recover, 3 incurable illness and feelings of overwhelm and grief.

Please join me on this journey of healing, even if you have already tried many different ways and wonder if anything will help. We are in this together and as we heal ourselves we can heal our families and communities. It begins with one step at a time and I promise I have made those steps doable, practical and possible and you can get better.

This Mp3 series is for everyone and anyone who desires to feel free of the emotional, physical, or spiritual pain they carry.

Each Mp3 is 1 hour or so and provides exercises along the way to help you move to a more whole you.


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