I thought Tantra Masters were humble and never charged for their services?

Interesting, I have heard similar things although not from anyone who was a Tantra Master nor had talked to one about it. I can assure you A Living Tantra Master is a human being like everyone else only we have a few more tools and rituals in our tool box.

I have heard about you in other circles I thought you were against Neo Tantra?

Hard to be against something I believe in and teach. Like everything in life there are awesome teachers of Tantra and not so awesome ones. What I am against is abuse of power and ignorance. Neo Tantra and Classical Tantra are  no where near the same thing and neither one is sex work. Now I have nothing against sex work either provided the practitioner is healthy emotionally and physically and feels empowered.

I speak out against the idea you have to have sex with or get naked with your teacher to learn any form of Tantra. I speak out against teachers using their status to dupe their students. I speak out against ignorance of the belief that you have to seek sexual liberation with a group of people naked in the forest. IF that is something that calls to you by all means go for it, but I will not sit idly by while I watch people be shamed, forced, or coerced into things they absolutely do not need to do to heal or learn any form of Tantra.

Are you a therapist?

Yes, although not a  licensed one. I chose to not get a license because that means I would need to keep certain paperwork and abide by some legislature I do not agree with. I have taken classes, training  and have certifications in the area of human psychology and counseling. I am also a reverend.

Why are you qualified to teach me Tantra?

Over 30 years of Tantra training, experience and several lineages passed along to me.

Do you do sexual surrogate work?


Can I practice Tantra with you?

Yes, every time we work together. However if you are referring to the misconception that Tantra is erotic massage then no. I also do not engage in any hands on sexual technique work. I have never found that was needed to teach Tantra or Neo Tantra successfully.  The fact that  Tantra should be a solo journey to start supports that.

We might practice breath work, meditation, energy healing or things of that nature together.

Do we ever get naked together?

Not unless we run into each other at a clothing optional resort. Even when hired to teach at clothing optional workshops I typically will wear something.

How do I learn Tantra if we cannot have sex?

There is only one school of Classical Tantra that has a sex ritual and it takes years to attain all the foundation required to do this ritual. I have yet to find anyone capable of putting in the time to get there.

I am one of the most trained and knowledgeable Classical or Neo Tantra teachers out there and have never had to have sex with a teacher to learn any of it.

You must have gotten information that Tantra was about sex. Although it can include sex it is not about sex or a sexual technique, and you will be able to learn all you need (even the sex) without having sex with me.

What about insurance?

I used to take insurance as I am a certified Hypnotherapist, and as you know things are getting much harder in the medical policy world. The hoops one has to jump through to get paid prohibit me from taking it anymore. I apologize for the inconvenience and will work with you however I can to help out.

My issues are pretty shocking?

OK, I am pretty shock proof.

Is the Tantra you teach similar to the erotic massage that I see in magazines?

Despite what it appears, Tantra is not erotic massage. This is a western misconception and I urge you to read Classical Tantra, Neo Tantra and Modern Tantra™ to better understand them.  That said I am happy to teach you the skills of erotic massage and all the things you have read and heard about in regards to Tantra, but I do not participate sexually in my sessions.

How come you don’t do an single sessions like everyone else?

A wise man once said, ” the day you plant the seed is not the day you get to eat the fruit.” if you truly want to create change or gain knowledge it takes time. I am committed to your results and ethically I can not take your money and leave you with just a sense of feeling like everything is going to be ok. I create specialized packages and program and they are results oriented and designed to get you sustainable change. Talk to me about your complimentary 30 minute Discovery Session in which we will craft the right program for you.

How long will the process take?

It depends what we are working on, some people experience success in a few sessions, some people prefer to work with me for years continually evolving their process. It comes down most of the time to how much action you take with what we decide to do. I have found the most ethical way to work with anyone to get real sustainable results is through a specialized packages designed for specific needs. If the programs I have are not specific enough please join me on a complimentary 20 minute Tantra Discovery Session so I can design just what you need.

It’s an individual journey and everyone comes to this space with different knowledge, expectations, and experiences. For some it’s a very fast process of clearing up some things, others want more time. I do offer the most advanced ways of transformation possible. Because the techniques I use are a holistic approach (whole body, senses, mind, and emotions), your results are reached faster than any other one modality used. It’s transformation at a cellular level.

Can I learn Tantra on my own or do I need a partner?

A lot of your Tantra learning and journey is a solo practice that after you build a foundation you then we share with others. I do work with couples or individuals and the processes are the same.

How do you teach the hands on aspects of Tantra Sexual Mastery? 

I teach using a variety of methods that include handouts, books, media, and experiential training if the situation warrants it. I also coach couples both inside the bedroom and out, and work with women who are not able to orgasm.

 Someone told me you do energy healing, is this true?

Yes I am a Reiki master as well as a Classical Tantra teacher and both of those modalities use energy for healing.

Does my partner have to know I’m doing this?

I would encourage anyone with a partner to share with them what you are doing. Sometimes things can be miscommunication or misunderstood and it is not worth losing trust or a relationship.  I am happy to meet with or call a partner and introduce myself. That said I make this a case by case decision on my end. Your privacy is important to me and I will not reveal our process with your partner.