Erectile Dysfunction

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Erectile Dysfunction

Most of the time men are too quick to think lack of an erection means there is a physical problem.

The usual cause for sexual dysfunction is due to anxiety and stress.

Given the state of most relationships there isn’t any wonder that everyone is so incredibly stressed.

Men that practice Tantra retain the stamina and vigor that they had as youths but with way more knowledge and expertise.

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Most men that are having a problem with erections during love making are still getting them at night or in the early morning. If so, the problem is not physical.

A good way to find out is to take a simple ( and relatively cheap) at-home test that involves the use of four to six postage stamps.
How To Do the Test

Pick three nights for the experiment when you can get uninterrupted sleep. (Don’t drink alcohol or take a sleep-inducing medication for at least two days prior.)

Each night wear briefs to bed, bringing your penis through the fly with as little pubic hair as possible.

Wrap a strip of four to six stamps snugly around the shaft of your penis, overlapping the stamps and moistening the end of one to seal the ring.

Once the seal has dried, carefully re-place your penis inside the briefs, keeping the underwear on to protect the stamps from falling off.

Check in the morning: Has the stamp ring been broken at the perforations? (If you’re awakened at night by the tearing of the stamps, check for an erection and how rigid it is.)

What the Stamp Test Tells You

For most people taking the test, the ring of stamps will be broken at the perforations at least one of the three nights, meaning that erection problems may have a psychological cause. If the stamps are not broken during the three nights of testing, the erection problem is more likely related to a physical condition or impotence-causing medication.

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