Deep Sacred Intimacy Retreat


If love were all it took to have a long healthy happy passionate relationship, we wouldn’t need anything else, so how come love is not the only answer?

“Just wanted to thank you again for the very powerful weekend of sharing and growth….I find I am still processing the experience and look forward to continued opening and expansion in this area. Your facilitation was inspiring, informative and safe, Your personal style of respect, tolerance and caring for others came through loud and clear and made it easier for those of us who are new arrivals on this path to take risks and be vulnerable. Occasionally you meet people that are doing exactly what they are called to do. You are clearly one of those people”. -Stephen Fraser

Sunset Couple

         Date: April 21-23 2017

          Times:  Fri at 6 pm through Sun 2pm

          Location:  Washington State , Whidbey Island


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This is what you will learn and experience through the weekend. 

  • Pleasure pleasure pleasure
  • How to keep love and passion alive for life
  • Understanding men and their needs
  • Understanding women and their needs
  • Why love is not the only answer
  • Daily connection practices for intimacy
  • How to be better lovers for each other
  • Navigating different levels of sexual desire
  • Healing from hurts in the relationship or the past
  • Recovering love, or sex, or intimacy
  • Kissing and Tantric touch



  • Secrets of tantric arousal
  • Creating safety for intimate communication
  • Special connects to keep desire alive
  • Tantric ritual for sexually healing your lover
  • Ejaculation mastery for men and g-spot orgasm for women
  • and we will talk about spiritual sexual union and learning to connect to the divine ( or your God) through sacred sexual practice



What’s included

  • All meal Friday night through Sunday lunch (your food needs taken into consideration)
  • Private up scale accommodations Friday and Saturday night
  • Access to Tanja through the weekend not just during class time
  • Class time, practice time and relaxation time
  • 1-45 min personalized private session during the weekend
  • 2- 45 minute follow up post weekend private calls
  • Class materials and summary of practices emailed to you
  • Invaluable interaction with other couples
  • Very small group allows for Tanja’s utmost attention



Port Townsend Sunrise over Admiralty Inlet-Whidbey Island

           $2197  Save on Single pay… payment options below



Why experience this with me?

I have an amazing track record spanning 25 years working with couples. I love teaching couples how to go deep and intimate. There is nothing more gratifying than seeing you come in Friday night maybe feeling tense or uncertain and then by Saturday evening, laughing, smiling, loving each other deeply.

And yes it does happen that fast, sometimes like magic when the communication gets clear and the hurts get resolved and the needs get understood. The spots I pick for these events have my couples in mind. Some at at beach fronts, some in the woods, all have great food and create pleasure to your senses.

Some people say they are uncomfortable in a group and yet once they leave it is like they are all long lost friends. I have had men tell me they never realized that they could open up and see other men going through the same things, and how healing that was. Couples tell me their relationship is the most important thing and yet, most are struggling to feel that way, or express that to their partners.



  •  61% of all marriages are ending in divorce and the numbers are higher for non-married relationships.
  • For most couples, the best sex they ever have is in the beginning and it’s all downhill from there.
  • Almost all couples are having at best, “average button pushing” sex.
  • 40 million couples are living sexless marriages 
  • 64 percent of women would rather go shopping eat or watch TV than have the sex they are having 
  • We were not created for monogamy BUT this course can show you how to create a relationships that can withstand the test of time and happily


Your Ultra-Exclusive Deep Sacred Intimacy Relationship Retreat

3 days to take your relationship to a place of ecstasy you never knew existed. All inclusive, workshop, meals, and room, private session at the workshop and 2 private follow up sessions post workshop (via Skype/phone)Discover what True Connection is…and live it!

Whether you are at the brink of divorce or happy, your relationship will benefit from this experience. No Tantra knowledge required and this is a very safe and respectful experience.

Using select methods of communication, experiential exercises and healing techniques, your intimate relationship will leave the mundane and enter the extraordinary. You will heal your issues with your partner and self and create strength where there was weakness.

This will be a unique transforming experiential weekend for you as a couple, and you will value this weekend with your lover forever!!

You do not need to know anything about Tantra to benefit. You will be safe here, there is no nudity in class and you will be respected and have a ton of fun as well.



this is a full pay button, payment options below





Limiting this to a very small group allows for an extremely tailored class that assures you personal attention every step of the way.

You also benefit from private one on one coaching for each couple at the retreat (and 2 sessions of follow up after the retreat to insure you integrate your knowledge at home).

I will be providing for one on one coaching for each couple at select times during this weekend to address your most personal questions and issues. Your private session is tailored for you. If you need specific help with a Tantric technique , intimacy coaching, negotiating your relationship needs, or actual hands on training this is the time to get the help you need.

A young romantic couple

A combination of class time, relaxation time and practice time will keep the weekend entertaining and fun, as well as insightful and educational. All levels are welcome. This weekend will work for those who know nothing about Tantra as well as couples who have worked with me before.


” We saw Tanja because we hadn’t been intimate in 8 years, I was ready to have an affair or just walk out the door. We had been through years of talk therapy already and gotten no where. With Tanja’s help I heard my wife talk about her needs that hadn’t been met, and she was able to hear me. Through the sexual healing practices I learned to awaken my wife’s desires and create safety for us both. I was able to heal through her touch as well. How can we thank someone for not only saving our marriage, but teaching us to have the best sex we have ever had in our lives! Tanja, you’re a marvel….”  Ken and Marie, Kemore, WA. 



The cost of the entire weekend is $2197 per couple. This includes your own private room and all meals for Friday dinner through Sunday lunch, the workshop, your private coaching and two follow ups post workshop. There are payment options at the bottom ( save $200 for full pay) and if you book several months in advance I can work out additional payment options for you, just let me know.

Happy Couple in Bed

          Next date to get your Deep Sacred Sexy on!

          Date: April 21-23  2017

          Times:  Friday at 6 pm through Sun 2 pm

          Location:  Washington State, Whidbey Island (venue details available only to registrants)

                                                                                                             Full Payment $2197


If you are booking in advance and need other payment options please contact me


A message from Tanja:

“This weekend was designed to create an experience that you will cherish for a lifetime. It doesn’t get any better or more powerful than what you will experience with me personally at this intimate workshop. You will leave this event feeling amazing! I look forward to giving you all I have of my knowledge, experience, and myself.”