Conscious Breath is the foundation

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Every day, people ask me, “What is the single most important ingredient in becoming a Master Lover?”
I tell them the key is “Breath; Conscious Breath.”

But that would be selling this incredible practice short to believe its only worth is sexual.

Conscious Breath is the very thing you need for optimum health, (physical and mental) life vitality, longevity, spiritual illumination, sexual vitality, growth and stamina, sexual mastery and spiritual sexual enlightenment.


Without Conscious Breath you will be ruled by unconscious programs placed in your body and mind by parents and other authority figures while you were growing up.

These unconscious programs lead to actions on your part that do not serve you.

For example, most of us feel we want to parent a little bit better than our parents did. It’s human nature to want to try things our way. Yet once we are parents ourselves, we can hear our parent’s words coming out of our mouths. We are at times even shocked, because we swore we would never say that.

We can not overcome all of the unconscious programming just because we want to. We need tools to find the places where this hurtful programming lives. The tool we need is the ability to open the mind/body connection, the ability to connect the unconscious mind to the conscious mind. That tool is Conscious Breath.

Historically spiritual practices have used a component of a breath work practice along with meditation or prayer. The importances of these practices are eons old and yet we are just once again gaining recognition of how they are so very important today in the age.
We aren’t living simple lives much anymore. We have virtual everything.

The statistics around ruined relationships and sexual dissatisfaction are horrendous. Medical maladies and diseases that can be attributed to stress are rampant.

We are in trouble. We are bankrupt in many more ways than financially.


I know that Conscious Breath doesn’t sound sexy, but the results are by far the sexiest thing you will ever experience in this lifetime.

You can not be a Master Lover if the rest of your life is in chaos.

You can not be a Master Lover if you feel shame and guilt in your mind and body about your sexual organs, or the sexual act itself.
You can not be a Master Lover if your body is failing or sick, or if you are stressed out.

Something as simple as breathing the correct way will improve your health, your sexual organs, your orgasms, your stamina, your spiritual sexual connection, your past traumas and your love for yourself and others.

In this ebook you will learn about the basics of breathing, the reasons it will improve your life and how to practice and to build a foundation that will allow you to work towards advanced practices.

With Conscious Breath work you will be able to achieve pleasure you had no idea existed in the world.It is my belief that most of you are experiencing only about 2 percent of the pleasure you are capable of right now.

It is not possible to advance in Tantric studies if you do not engage in Conscious Breath. No matter what techniques you learn they will be dull and lifeless without the ability to manipulate energy with your breath.

My student and their partners lives are changed forever, by studying Conscious Breath Practices.

“I’ve never done conscious breath work before, my partner, one of Tanja’s students, showed me a simple breath practice. Within 10 minutes of our beginning to work together, I reached a state of depth and intimacy with her that might have taken months to achieve otherwise. The world shifted, colors were brighter, and the details sharper… it was as if I had awakened from a hazy dream. I quit smoking within a week and my partner and I have continued to deepen our love together. I plan to start teaching conscious breath work to my children.”
– Matt B LPN Seattle, WA

Not only are my students engaged in everything they do more fully, but their health has improved, their feelings about life are more positive, and of course many are on the path to experiencing bliss in sexual loving.

Whether you are on a spiritual quest, just wanting to feel better in your life, or on a journey to immense sexual pleasure, this is the beginning of the path.

Some of you will experience instant change from practice. Others may not notice change for a month or more. I want to be very sure you understand this going in. The practice of Conscious Breath done correctly, CANNOT fail to create physical and mental changes in you.

If you were being monitored medically, you would see change happen the instant you take your first Conscious Breath.

Emotionally, you will start to notice differences as you navigate life.

It’s great to hear from people who took my course just for sexual gratification and to learn how amazed they are that Conscious Breath practice changed all aspects of their lives.

This is power. This is power, in your hands, to make the most of your life.I welcome you onto this path of Conscious Breath and a new beginning to everything you do from here on out.

Right now you can start a practice of Conscious Breath by checking into your breath micro times a day. Just see if you are holding your breath. Typically that looks like holding your abdomen tight, your shoulder tense, neck tense and sometimes even your jaw and face tense.

If you are, simply take a big breath in and then let it out with a sigh as you let your shoulders drop. Do this a couple of times, it really helps.

For a more comprehensive journey get the Conscious Breath v-book (video embedded ebook) or come and take a breath class with me.


  1. “…you will start to notice differences as you navigate life…” Absolutely!

    A couple of days ago I was in a car speeding along through the dark night on a country road. As we rounded the bend, there was another car coming head on towards us on the wrong side of the road….

    That scenario would have made me jump out of my skin with fear and panic,and I would probably now be in the hospital … if I had not recently started learning conscious breathing. Thanks to the benefits of conscious breathing, there was no fear, no panic, my heart didn’t skip a single beat. Just sailed through the gap with a calm feeling that all would be well. And that same calm feeling remains as I recall every detail of what happened.

    Apart from the benefits from putting conscious breathing into practice, I can tell you that Tanja;s v-book on the subject is a beautiful read as well as being a practical guide.

  2. thanks

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