Tantra coaching, counseling, training and healing

How do you know if you need Tantra coaching, Tantra counseling, or Tantra training or a Tantra Healing session?

I define them pretty simply like this.

Tantra coaching is like any other coaching, you have a goal and we create a plan to get there. Like all coaching there may be things you are doing wittingly or unwittingly that keep you from reaching your goal and we would address those along the way as need be. Typically there is something specific you want to work on and you know what it is.    Read more

Tantra counseling is typically more loosely structured, you may or may not be sure of what the challenges you face are. You may just feel like life is not going how you would like, or be stuck in the same place over and over again. You may need someone to talk to about your life and get perspective and action steps to make changes or perhaps you have suffered a severe trauma.  Read more

Tantra training is about learning Tantra, Classical Tantra, Neo Tantra, or Modern Tantra™.  This is training from the ground up or tailored to whatever knowledge you already have. You can benefit whether you want to learn for yourself or your relationship and family, or you desire to teach or use the process to help others.  Read more

Tantra practitioner Certifications- 

Tantra Energy Healing Sessions are  sessions of Tantra energy work. Hands on sessions are geared to assist in moving blocks from cellular memory.    Read more

Tantra Sexual Healing Sessions are sessions specifically designed to remove energetic blocks and cellular  memory from past sexual trauma or abuse.  Read More

Sometimes these will crisscross each other as we work together as I believe in a holistic approach.

If you are not sure what you need or want feel free to hit me up for a 20 minute Discovery session no charge.