Classical Tantra

 Classical Tantra

Classical Tantra in Brief

Classical Tantra is an ancient (over 7000 years ago) eastern technology for spiritual evolution, and is lineage based, passed from teacher to student in an unbroken stream of wisdom. Guru devotion is a core element of Classical Tantra. A transmission of lineage from teacher to student, initiates the student into the deep energetic stream, empowering each to practice the rituals of that lineage.

The Sanskrit meaning of Tantra is ”Liberation through extension” and it is believed that one’s physical body is a replica of the universe and thus by studying the outside world(macrocosm) we come to know the mystery of ourselves (microcosm). Classical Tantra rituals lead us from big gross notions and beliefs to more subtle refined awareness and consciousness, leading to the ultimate experience of the universal vibration.

As a spiritual path it emphasizes purifying our mind, physical body and energy body. As a science it utilizes worldly materials for specific ritual. Items such as (fire, herbs…) sound (mantra) drawings (yantra) hand postures and body posture (mudra and yoga) and others are all used to prepare our physical, energetic and emotional planes for the journey to understanding and awareness.

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Tanja and Classical Tantra in brief

Tanja is a  holder of 3 ancient Classical Tantra lineages, therefore known in those traditions as a Living Classical Tantra Master and has been called a modern day Rishis (seer).

In the same traditions she is  a master healer, adept spiritual guide, adept passing over guide, energy master and teacher. A Classical Tantra scholar  in the way that a tree understands it’s roots she was  passed down the history of her masters all the way back to their origins.

Not all Classical Tantra aspirants become masters and not all masters become teachers, Tanja was called to share knowledge. Her motivation to share the knowledge of Classical Tantra comes from the traditions she follow, a promise to her teacher, and her very own deep understanding that this incredible technology has the capability to assist in planetary evolution and healing.

What she bring to the table with this knowledge is the ability to assist you in creating the deep understanding of yourself from an energetic level up, and to teach you how to access your personal vibration and understand your truth and purpose here, as well as how to harness and utilize universal energy.

Very few people will undertake the time and rigors of Classical Tantra training, even if a Tantra master is present and recognized. Typically modern society is raised without the foundation or respect of tradition to understand the guru devotion that is paramount in Classical Tantra training.

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You and Classical Tantra

So you want to really study the art of harnessing universal energy and mastering your inner and outer being? We can do that.

Maybe it is not really having a lineage passed on that you want and only want to understand parts of Classical Tantra, like Kundalini, or Tantra Yoga. If you know what part you are interested in just pop on over to my qualifications page to see what I can assist you with.

If you are interested in Classical Tantra here is what I have to tell you. First it is a devotional practice and I do not see many people lining up for that sort of thing in modern society. Neo Tantra or Modern Tantra™ made be more your style.

Old school devotional practice meant you had to put your faith, as in trust completely your Guru as well as take care of them as much as possible. This enabled the Guru to spend her time, meditating and spouting forth enlightened prose and other important matters that Guru’s do, while you bask in and soak up the knowledge.

Part of what they were doing with their time is constantly evolving their practice and devoting a good part of their lives and energy  to bringing you on the path you came there to study. I had a devotional practice. I had to do amazingly gross things, tough things, mind bending things and unbelievable things although I never had to do anything illegal or in any way typically sexual.

Another part of learning from a true Tantra master is that they will always give you tests. Almost everything is a test, a test of your character, your ego, and your attachments. It is really like they are trying to get rid of you, and they are. Classical Tantra masters are very very picky about who they teach.  Many seek, very few will find. My teacher never passed along his knowledge to anyone but me.

OK, so now what? You are down with the devotion, you are down with the strange and weird things that will be asked of you, you are ready to serve and be tested, and you have time and stamina. That’s a start alright, that is easy stuff.

I have had at least 25 people ask to work with me in this capacity and no one has ever made it through the preliminary stuff and I did not even get to anything hard.

So ask yourself, really? You really want to unlock the mysteries of the universe, raise the dead, regenerate limbs, manifest whatever you desire, bend time, Kundalini rising, attain the vibration of source?

I am thinking maybe you want Neo Tantra, you know, great orgasms, sexual mastery, and awesome connection to your partner, breath work, spiritual progress to be more loving, and some blow away things you can tell your friends about. Much easier, go here You and Neo Tantra.

No?  You want more than just amazing sex, you want true life transformation. We can do that, and perhaps Modern Tantra™ is your ticket. Modern Tantra™ is an incredible format that will step by step build your personal foundation from the source up through life mastery. I highly recommend it.

Oh, still here?  Hmm, alright, did I mention the time it takes for Classical Tantra?

This is a long process of discipline and personal courage and sometimes it will seem like your teacher is busting your chops… yep, although always with a purpose. You might be doing a devotional chant for hours at a time, or maybe you are doing yard work (remember karate kid), typical mundane tasks that are designed to test your endurance, devotion, discipline, ego, attachments and more. Along with those go the study of mediation, sound, nature and self.

Never believe a Classical Tantra master is all about love, rainbows and fairy dust…  It is the toughest thing you will ever do in your life. It will challenge every single thing you believe in, think you know, your constructs, your priorities, everything.

Ok you get the drift I am sure. Basically yes, I am qualified to teach you the most incredible things you will ever imagine and I ask you one thing. Please do not waste your time or mine unless you are VERY serious.

There are plenty of other very cool fun transformative things I can teach you that are not Classical Tantra. Look into those things and if you are still determined, look below for where to start. BTW that was your first test. Which part? Right…. That’s what I am talking about.

The cost you ask? Well old school, no charge, however that means old school. Devotion, service, discipline, a code of ethics to start, we will talk.

Bartering is a possibility.

You want a more modern approach, ok $100K a year and I will only commit to you for a year to start. If you do not practice or give up there are no refunds.


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