Beyond Sex: Tantra Hits #1 Amazon Bestseller Internationally

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I am so very excited to announce that my book Beyond Sex: Tantra hit #1 Amazon Bestseller in 4 countries and 3 categories. It took number 1 in sex, spirituality, and personal transformation in the US, Canada, UK and Australia!

I couldn’t have done this without all of you and to celebrate, I sent out an email to everyone giving away any product on my product page for FREE to the first 5 that gave me 3 items I NEED to create. Talk about exciting! The emails came pouring in and I was thrilled to see what you all wanted me to get to work on. Here is a list of things that I was given, and interestingly many of you had the same ideas and of course I did not duplicate them. I will indicate with an * if I have something that might fit the bill already.

self pleasuring cd for women

practical breathing exercises with music * (conscious breath book has video links)

conscious menopause * (See Tantra and Menopause MP3)

couples guided meditation practice to connect before sex

daily tantric inspirational messages, quotes and practices

program to help men orgasm with a condom on * (take the last longer for sex video Training course to start)

guided couples exploration

the art of connection

how to fully  relax and engage a man sexually

a woman’s course on how to have great sex and navigate erectile dysfunction issues

how to ground after amazing sex

how to create a healthy sex life into today hectic world

how to tell if a man is going to receptive to tantra exploration

6 month course deeper into the chapters of Beyond Sex: Tantra

how to find an appropriate partner



how to incorporate tantra while being a mother

tantra dance/movement

8 week tantra course for women on tantra sex


I can tell you that a few of these things are on my project list already and I can easily see incorporating quite a few more. I am also working on creating my own Tantric oil blends for healing, my own tantra healing wands, a very special lubricant brand, some body care items, and other assorted goodies.

Keep your ideas coming in and I look forward to working towards getting you what you need and want.

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