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This book is for anyone and everyone looking to take life from mere existence, to living in full human potential.

Beyond Sex: Tantra

A practical guide to extraordinary living


“Tanja Diamond inhales the ancient alchemy of Tantra and breathes new life into us through our senses, re–awakening the magic that is our birthright.”-Rev. Dr. Katherine O’Connell, Jungian Psychologist, Astrologer, Author- End of the Line


beyond sex Tantra book

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Tanja Diamond has bridged the gap between the “woo woo” and practical understanding and implementation of spiritual awakening in Beyond Sex: Tantra. At once funny and controversial, Tanja delivers with her usual flair and explains to us that Tantra is more than sexual technique; its practices can be used for business, life and relationships. Prepare yourself for a life changing journey and empowerment as you travel through chapters ranging from Arousal, Intent and Integrity, Business for Tantra and even an understanding of why Zen is for Sissies!

“Tanja is on fire and she is living the words other people simply talk about. I find her brilliant, entertaining, sexy and I count myself blessed to be part of her Inner Circle. Life is far more interesting with Tanja around.” -Darren Jacklin “The Mega Manifestor”


“Tanja will awaken your energy. She has dedicated her life to sharing the healing practices from many traditions to those ready to wake-up and live a life filled with energy and love. Get ready to get plugged in and turned on…”-David Pond, Astrologer/author/speaker


“Tanja embodies the depth of love and power of shakti that is required in making fundamental change in consciousness for all of those who are blessed to find their way into her heart.”-Caroline Muir, Speaker/Teacher, Divine Feminine and Source Tantra (formerly, now at

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From the Foreword

What is Tantra?

My definition of the concept of Tantra is, quite simply:
“Tantra is the ultimate love affair with yourself and all of your existence. In the process of igniting your internal flame, you come to experience all ordinary moments as extraordinary experiences. Immersed in that experience, you realize that you embody the divine, there is nothing else to need or want but that moment.”

Tantra, however, is anything but simple. It is a spiritual practice as well as a scientific one.

Tantra explains that it is possible to reach a spiritual path while engaging the world around us. No need to sit in a cave somewhere. Tantra is for the householders of society. Tantra is for people who have to work, and choose to have families and active lives. I daresay the old masters didn’t know quite how active we were going to be today moving at Mach-1 with our cell phones in our ears.

I created Modern Tantra™ to bring a relevant educational system, or technology if you will, to those of us who need and desire to be awakened from our apathetic slumber, and to embrace a conscious way of living.

Tantrikas, those who have studied Tantra, maintain that suffering isn’t caused by lacking some understanding of the divine. Suffering is caused by lacking knowledge of how the world functions. Until one can understand the subtle forces of the working world, one cannot hope to regulate them and thereby regulate our internal environment.

Tantra consists of highly organized study in various disciplines, or Tantric formulas if you will, and the purification of mind and heart. It is the weaving of the ethereal and the physical together.

Most people today are not going to learn the classical art form of Tantra. We are neither committed enough nor will we make the time. We can however use some of the philosophies and exercises to create more Tantric moments. Creating Tantric moments will make the difference between simply existing in a dreary experience or living and loving your life to its fullest capacity.

By learning Tantric philosophies we are able to take delight in our senses. We are being present and focused in what we are able to “feel” physically as a way to celebrate our existence. It is the mastery of living in the now, fully embracing each moment with all that you are, using the spontaneity of non-thinking, simply experiencing.

Tantra has been around for 6000 or more years. The literature is so vast, with the majority written in Sanskrit, it would be impossible to study even a small part in one’s lifetime. It is a widely misunderstood and misinterpreted art form. Although it is all encompassing, it has a particular systematic approach.

The complete rituals in Tantric text are never fully disclosed; therefore in the pursuit of learning Tantra one must find an adept or master. Rituals and studies are passed from master to student as they have been for centuries.

As a science, as well as an artistic discipline, Tantra increases the speed of evolution in the practitioner throughout their lifetime, ever expanding their knowledge and experiences.

The practitioner is always a student and revels in the magic that presents itself daily. The goal is to activate the Shakti, the power of the divine force within, or power of the soul. Without access to Shakti, true spiritual illumination is not possible.

Tantra was, long ago, divided into 3 schools for a more systematic approach to learning. The school of Kaula (divided into a right and left-handed path) is the one that uses material objects, the senses and the body.

This path enabled everyday household members to experience the divine by using everyday life, and all that lives within as a form of spiritual development. Amongst the 64 art forms were dancing, cooking, flower arranging and the art form of union. Sexual union is the art that most of us are interested in today.

This can in fact be so unbalanced that Tantra in many places has become synonymous with sex work, erotic massage, orgies, polyamory and a host of other things that just aren’t it. “Tantra teachers” are popping up by the dozen and telling people they need to take their clothes off or engage in sexual activity and this stands to counter the base ideas of Tantra.

Neo Tantra as it’s called deals mainly with the using Tantric, Kama Sutra and Taoist techniques to enhance sexual feeling and the experience of sexual intimacy.

Though Tantra does address the subject of sexuality for spiritual growth, less that 3 percent of the literature is relegated to that subject.

It’s believed in classic Tantra that if two people cultivate and practice the art of Tantric union (intentful sexual intercourse) that their combined energies would form a pathway to the divine. Their joy and bliss would fill their household with love, and that, in turn, would make their children happy and flow over into the whole community. Everyone would benefit from this practice of conscious loving.

Tantric union enables healing to take place as well by using the powerful energy of creation to blast through ego, fear, and illusions. Tantric union is not a path to sexual indulgence or self-gratification, and like with anything in life, due diligence must be followed if looking for a teacher to train with.

Tantric union isn’t just a matter of techniques. If that’s all it took, everyone would be Tantric masters at loving. There are enough books on sexual technique to keep you reading for a lifetime. It takes a spiritual relationship with oneself first, in order to create that path with another. A spiritual relationship makes sexual union a magical space, not the other way around.

Learning to be conscious of our sexual energy can enhance not only our lovemaking, but also our entire lives. Sexual energy is the most powerful force that we have; when harnessed it can be used for more creativity and life enjoyment.

We teach 5 levels to Life Mastery in the Modern Tantra™ Program. Tantra of Awareness, Tantra of Self, Tantra of Relations, Tantra of Business and Tantra of Life Mastery.

Modern Tantra™  is a practice we can embrace today in the rapid-paced lives we are living… we can embrace it and sustain it in our lives even while filled with technology, complications, conveniences, at our (sometimes) crazy pace, and in our new family structures.

I know my life is an amazing journey that continues to evolve beyond what I could ever have imagined as I continue my spiritual journey with Tantra. There are few limits when you have the tools to unleash the power of the universe within and out.

Though this book is about the basic foundations and philosophies, it is the very place one must begin the journey to a new experience.

I welcome you to fully revel in this book and use the philosophies, tips and practices to create your own heaven, nirvana or whatever you wish right here and now, in this moment and beyond.



Table of Contents

Chapter 1 Arousal of life- Come on, get turned on

Chapter 2 Beliefs are holding you back- Reprogramming your brain

Chapter 3 Conscious Breath- Wake up

Chapter 4 Doing versus Being- The Mind Bender

Chapter 5 Expansion and Contraction- The Universe in Motion

Chapter 6 Forgiveness- I don’t buy it

Chapter 7 Gratitude- The Power of Real Change

Chapter 8 Healing your Sexual Self- Creating Empowerment

Chapter 9 Intent and Integrity- The Path of Impeccability

Chapter 10 Jumping around Looking Wacky! Everything is Vibrating

Chapter 11 Knowledge is Overrated- Do some Unlearning

Chapter 12 Love is a self state- Be in Love Now

Chapter 13 Manifesting your Desires- Create Abundance

Chapter 14 Nourish Yourself and Live in Pleasure

Chapter 15 Orgasm and Women’s Sexual Satisfaction- Are we Orgasm Obsessed?

Chapter 16 Present- Experiencing in the Now

Chapter 17 Questions for your Journey

Chapter 18 Relationships aren’t working- Evolving a new model

Chapter 19 Sex- The Five levels of Sexual Mastery

Chapter 20 Tantra for Business- Building Empires

Chapter 21 Union- The Tantra Dance of Sexual Loving

Chapter 22 Vajra- The Wand of Light

Chapter 23 What’s with the “Woo Woo”? Do I need to go there

Chapter 24 X-rated- Why Porn is Destroying your Sex Life

Chapter 25 Yoni- The Sacred Space

Chapter 26 Zen is for Sissies- Sitting Still May not be Working



beyond sex Tantra book


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