Awaken Your Warrior

Be the man you were born to be and the one she yearns for.

  • Take charge- leave uncertainty 
  • Live in your integrity- be respected 
  • Enhance your confidence- attain sexual charisma and magnetism
  • Get unstuck -leave your past behind
  • Integration of knowledge- speak with clarity and wisdom
  • Ancient secrets of sexual vitality- last longer, harder and increase your pleasure
  • Sexual mastery- be the only one she will ever remember
  • Multi-orgasmic and ejaculation consciousness- exceed your sexual expectations

woman-kissing-man“Thanks Tanja for putting on this workshop. I got a lot of value from it especially the breathing techniques and knowing the importance of focus and integrity. I came to recognize some realizations that I was not being that enlightened man. Through this workshop I realized the importance of feeling energy and feeling the moment that I’m in; to both receive and take in energy. This is absolutely vital in building connections. Being the man, taking charge, being true to myself and having 100% laser focus, that’s masculine energy.”  -Michael


Date: Friday pm  – Sunday afternoon- May 2017

Price:  $1297

Location:  TBA Washington state




The weekend includes:

  • A safe space to explore and get real with other men
  • Knowledgable, respectful, experienced and  humorous Teacher
  • Meals from Friday night to Sunday morning- and snacks
  • A copy of my Conscious Breath v-book
  • Accommodations 
  • Post workshop summary and resource list
  • Post workshop hand outs for continued growth
  • 1/2 hour post workshop follow up session via phone/skype to support your process
  • Invitation to advanced events
  • Invitation to join online community of like minded people





This is a men’s only Tantra retreat, good for single or partnered men.

To live the life of a warrior you need full body consciousness and connection. From your head to your toes you should be in command of your experience.

Command is very different than control, shut down or stoic.

Men have very few places to get the healing and understanding they need. Being with your brothers gives you direct feedback about whether you are really manning up.

Today’s man needs many skills, in the boardroom and bedroom.

Unfortunately most men are not taught the foundation for success in all areas of life.

Relationships can be tough without some serious knowledge about how to bring your heart and sexual energy to the table.

Tantra is the oldest technology for transformation there is. And the tools are not just for sex, though with an amazing foundation you certainly will excel at that as well.


You do not need to listen to the media about sexual decline if you have the sexual arts of Tantra on board.

We will discuss myths and truths about the female body, red Tantric techniques for love making, kissing, pillow talk, ancient techniques for extended arousal, and techniques for attaining multiple orgasms for both men and women. With this knowledge and these techniques, you will regain or retain the stamina and vigor of your youth.

All men desire to please their women and this retreat is designed to expand your confidence and knowledge.

It is not a myth that men can become multi orgasmic, increase sexual potency and even increase the penis length and girth, no matter what their age.


originalMulti orgasmic means the ability to separate orgasm from ejaculation, known as ejaculation mastery, and achieve many orgasms during a lovemaking session.

Or choose to save your sexual energy for another purpose. If you are concerned about premature ejaculation these techniques will end that issue for you. If you want to last longer during love making, get to this Tantra retreat for men.

Sexual vitality is your most prized asset as a sexually healthy male. The knowledge from this class will help you never worry about suffering from penile aging, and the devastating effects of declined sexual function.

There is no nudity or sexual touching in this Tantra workshop.



Single pay $1297




Or two payment option


One payment of $670 now and the next $670  in 30 days