Areas of Tantric Study


In Tantra there are many areas one can study.

Along with Classical Tantra training, I am also Neo Tantra trained and certified in Tantra sexual healing arts and the founder of Modern Tantra™ and Tantra for Business™

I am trained and certified in other modalities both traditional and alternative from several countries around the globe.

I work with everyone, including families and teens, individuals or groups of any size. I work with pets and animals too.

I coach, lecture, advise, counsel, educate, train, minister, heal and do hands on healing energy work.

I teach apprentices and certify students.

I do not do any sex work or sexual massage.

Remember that this is not by any means a full list and if you have something in particular you wish but do not see please contact me.

I have divided things up in to Tantra non sexual arts and Tantra sexual arts.


In life coaching or Tantra coaching I can customize any area of study you wish.

Non sexual arts

Tantra Spirituality

Tantra For Business

Tantra Yoga

Tantra Meditation

Tantra Magic

Tantra Breath Work

Tantra Counseling

Tantra for Families

Tantra For Teens

Tantra Energy Healing

Tantra Healing

Tantra Massage (people and animals)

Tantra Passing over rituals (death and dying)

Reiki (people and animals)



Aromatherapy, Bach Flower remedies

Dating Etiquette

Animal Healing and Behaviorist


Sexual Arts

The Art of Tantric Seduction (men and women)

Tantra Sexual Mastery (men, women)

Tantra Puja

Tantric Kissing

Tantra Ejaculation Mastery

Tantra Last Longer For Sex

Tantra Sexual Healing (for individuals or couples)

Tantra Couples connection

Tantra full body Orgasm (men and women)

Tantra Spiritual Orgasm (men and women)

Becoming Orgasmic (women)

Female Ejaculation (women)

Multiple Orgasms (men and women)

Ejaculation Control (PE)

Erectile Dysfunction (ED)

Breaking porn or sex addiction