I work with clients from all over the world and have flexibility to work some flexible hours as well as some weekends, whatever we need to make it work. Making an appointment with me as a new client is simple- there are 3 options below. Just be sure to read the appointment policies. I am in the Pacific Northwest time zone in the USA.

The fastest way is to email me for a 20 Minute complimentary Tantra Discovery Session, I will be alerted and get back to you within 48 hours  via email or phone to schedule an appointment. If you don’t hear from me feel free to try again, as sometimes technology is faulty.

A Discovery Session is all about letting me know what results you are looking for from our time together and then I’ll give you feedback on crafting that experience.

Call me  206-276-2735   Leave a message if I do not answer, I’ll call you back within 48 hrs.

Please do not text me.

Email me   and I will get back to you within 48 hrs.


Tantra Discovery Sessions

This is a 20 minute complimentary session exploring what results you are looking to achieve and a plan of action to follow. This is not a format for getting help with problems on the call. For that please refer to my 1/2 session below or Starter Packages.


Coaching and Premium Packages

A wise man once said, “the day you plant the seed is not the day you eat the fruit.”

For this reason I no longer do single session appointments. Ethically I feel it does you a huge disservice. No matter how good I am or how well you follow instructions, unless it is a simple question, we can only get you the results you need and want with some extended time together.

Decades of my clients getting the results they wanted,  has shown me this approach is the only way to add value to your life.

Starter Package of 3 sessions 40- 50 mins each for $325-

These sessions are via phone or Skype

Session 1– I get to know what your goals are and what you have done,

Session 2– We go in depth about the issues and create motion towards goals,

Session 3– I present you with the most efficient and results oriented game plan to move forward towards your desires

Couples Starter Package 4 session 50-65 mins each for $450

These sessions are via phone or Skype-

Session 1– I get to know what your goals as a couple are and and what you have done previously ,

Session 2– I work with one partner and get to know you and the issues with more depth,

Session 3– I work with the other partner and get to know them and the issues with more depth,  

Session 4– I present you with the most efficient and results oriented game plan to move forward towards your desires


You can also do 2 to 5  day  intensives with me or personal workshops. I am available to travel to your location.

Examples of Coaching Premium Packages are Tantra Sexual Mastery for men or women, Peak Arousal training, Sacred relationship for couples, Energy mastery, Tantra breath work and meditation, Using Tantra to heal, Overcoming porn use.. and more, as well as learn to teach Tantra certifications courses.

Email me for your Tantra discovery session today


My exception to a single session is if you have a very specific question, like, how long should I wait to kiss a girl? or is XXXX normal? or things like that. This is done via email or phone. Buy the session and then send me an email with the question or a request for a phone call.

30 mins is great to  get a simple question answered via email or phone
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Appointment Policies

Anonymity: If you truly need to remain completely anonymous we can offer you better than state of the art privacy. Have your representative contact us.

You will be initiating contact with me at your appointment time via the method, Skype or phone, we have agreed upon. You will receive an email from me with all the specifics prior to our first appointment.

NO show and late calls: I honor your time and mine. If I miss a call with you without giving you at least 24 hrs notice, I will give you a free session.  If you miss our appointment time with less than 24 hrs cancellation or reschedule notice or are over 15 minutes late for our call you will be charged your session fee.

Refunds: Refund policies are at the bottom of each package page. There are no refund for coaching packages.

Notes: I take very simple notes on paper with no reference to your name.  The notes are for me to remember questions to ask you or exercise I have asked you to do. I shred these when we are done working together. If you prefer I do not take notes at all please let me know. I encourage you to note down exercises I have asked you to do.

Recording: You may record our calls on your end and I ask you do not distribute them without my written permission. I may record our calls to share with you as part of your coaching package if you desire. Should I use part of what I say somewhere else I can assure you that your voice or identity will never be heard or used in any manner, unless we have an agreement and you have given me permission in writing to use it. If you have questions or concerns please ask me, your comfort and confidentiality are of utmost importance to me.

Protocol and Language: Depending on what we are working on, here may be frank and open discussion about your sex life which can include details you might not share with anyone else. These conversations are not meant to be titillating or sexual in nature. I tend to use clinical language or honoring terms when speaking. I am open to whatever language you are comfortable with as I want you to speak freely.

We will not disrobe on our calls and there will be no sexual touching from either party at anytime.

Should I feel you are violating our agreement on this issue I reserve the right to terminate our call/Skype immediately and there will be no refund for the time.