All About You & Tantra


Hey there, happy you’re here and I am going to break down some ways that you will benefit from Tantra in its different formats as well as help you find what you are looking for quickly.


What is Tantra? I thought it was just one thing

There are 3 formats of Tantra I teach, Classical Tantra,  Neo Tantra and Modern Tantra™ and if you are not certain about what they all mean then click on the link and read about them. Each is a pretty specific format in learning.

Classical Tantra       Neo Tantra        Modern Tantra™


What can Tantra do for me?

If you want to jump right to the matter of what I can do for you I have broken it down by gender as well as aspects, click to learn more

Spirituality    Sexuality    Transformative

Men      Women      Couples   Kids /Teens      Families

Professional practitioner  Athlete    Business



What kinds of things can you do for me with Tantra?

As a master life strategist I use Tantra and other disciplines as well as my life experience to assist you with whatever you need help with. I have been grateful to assist people with just about every issue there is at this point, from recovering from PTSD, to helping someone learn to date, to a child needing help to get over being bullied.

My specialty is guiding you to your truth and giving you tools to use in all aspects of your life, self sufficiency though the process of self discovery.

Coaching    Training    Counseling     Healing     Sexual Healing 


Are you qualified to teach me Tantra?

Yes. I am qualified because I studied Classical Tantra under a legitimate Tantra master. I was given his blessing to pass down what I know, as he was and the Tatra masters before him. Read Tanja and Classical Tantra

Because there are no mandatory classes or certifications anyone with or without any specific knowledge or training can teach you Neo Tantra. However I was trained and certified by the oldest most reputable school, Source School of Tantra as an advanced certified Tantra educator. I will qualify that, although there are things I use from their teachings, I have diverged from their path for the most part. Read Tanja and Neo Tantra

I am qualified to teach you Modern Tantra™ because I created it. Read Tanja and Modern Tantra


What age range do you work with?

I have worked with 6 year olds all the way to 93, anyone under 16 needs parental or guardian permission to work with me unless they are currently emancipated or homeless.


Do I have to learn Tantra to work with you?

No, not specifically, although my work is based in using some of the techniques and tools as well as my life experience. If this is a religious concern please talk with me, as I have worked with just about all belief systems.


I have something I want to work on privately

You can do that several ways just click on the link to learn more or contact me now

Appointments    phone or Skype      Pricing 


I want to work in a Tantra group

I teach Tantra workshops that range a weekend, Tantra classes that are typically 3-6 hours and Tantra Retreats which are also weekend to 3 day events. I am happy to arrange a Tantra class or Tantra workshop for your group.

Tantra workshop


I do not live in your area can you still help me with Tantra?

Yes I teach internationally via Skype and it is very effective, and I am also open to organizing a Tantra workshop in your area.

  Appointments       Skype or Phone          Pricing


I/We need help right away

Please contact me right away and we can figure out the best thing to do.


 I/We would love a Tantra weekend/week intensive or Personal Tantra retreat

Yes, I am more than happy to talk with you about what you need and what I can offer, please contact me after reading some general information.

Tantra Personal Intensives and Retreats


I/We can’t get away will you come here?

Yes, I am more than happy to talk with you about what you need and what I can offer, please contact me after reading some general information.

Tantra Personal Intensives and Retreats


I want to have my own group Tantra workshop or Tantra class

I love doing this and please read my general information and then contact me to work out the details.

Create your own Tantra workshops


I want to learn to teach or create my own Tantra practice for the public

I do work with people who are ready to take on their own practice or add knowledge to their existing one, for more general information please read

Professional Practitioners


How do I make an appointment?

You can call me 206-276-2735  or go to the appointment page


How much do you charge?

See my pricing page for full details and you can also go to my appointment page


What kind of payment do you take?

I take credit cards, via phone or my site, paypal, cash and checks from established clients. My buy buttons on my site are run thorough a secure server read about our secure shopping.

Also Paypal no longer requires you have an account.


Do you ever take a sliding scale fee, or barter, or give services away?

All things are possible, please contact me.


Will Skype or phone Tantra coaching really work for me?

Ah the beauty of technology is amazing. I have worked via the phone for years and when I heard about Skype I was thrilled to have the video interaction (some people prefer no video and that is fine as well)

I have been working on Skype now since it came out and really love it. Yes sometimes there can be glitches just like life, although for the most part it is a lovely tool that makes it easy even for people who live close by to schedule things.

I have even done a few classes this way. I was told people felt like I was really there.

Read more about Skype and downloading


How do you keep my information safe?

Personal information is never written down anywhere in my house with the exception of your CC card info if you wish me to have it on file to bill for your convenience. You can use other payment options if you wish.

If you wish to use a different name that is up to you as well and we can work without any video on Skype so you may be as anonymous as you need to be.

I do not take notes that can be identified as yours. Please read my ethics page for more details.

I do work with people who never want to be identified even to me and if you are someone that needs that level of confidence please have your representative contact us to inquire about our anonymous technology capabilities.


I’m pretty private; will you keep my information confidential?

Everything you say to me is confidential, your safety and peace of mind is paramount to me, and an integral part of the process. There are students and clients that have given me express permission to share all or part of their journey, so if you hear me tell stories about others, named or not named I have their permission and I give them my gratitude because their stories help others.


I have more questions about working with you

Please refer to my FAQ page