About Learning Tantra

From an early age I was called into an extraordinary life and its purpose was to be in service. My life path and experiences have unfolded to place me in a position to create Learning Tantra.

Why Tantra? Through the practices of Tantra, self awareness and universal connection are realized and from that position personal truths can be uncovered from a process I call “insourcing”.

Learning Tantra was created to guide people to a place of authenticity and personal truth in the many aspects of their lives and the many ways in which they are called to their path.

Learning Tantra is the hub for all things Tantra that we do and we do a lot of Tantra, Classical Tantra, Neo Tantra and Modern Tantra™.

Whether you are looking for sexual enhancement, spiritual connection, life mastery, manifesting wealth, finding life purpose, making magic, keeping passion alive for a lifetime, we are here to guide you along your way.

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